CrossFit isn’t all things to all people! But for most of you we can get you to your athletic goals.

This is the CrossFit Classic blog. Is training for something like a Spartan Run or Tough Mudder at the top of your list of current athletic goals? Is physical fitness, athletic training, personal training, weight training, kettlebells, gymnastics, endurance, martial arts, Jiu-Jitsu, Thai Boxing, or any other sport or contact sport your way to personal achievement and fantastic mental health?  We have fun training for anything that comes up in life at CrossFit Classic. How about your general physical preparedness or tactical fitness? Is self defense your interest? Are you on the police force or a firefighter? Are you in the military? Send us email. Begin your training by following along at www.crossfitclassic.com .

Live to Move!



(303) 880-4641

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